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👀 look I know ya Scrappy’s mom and all but @_cuban_link is a little crazy🤦‍♂️she got that Camden shit in her.LOL

This how you take a picture with people who don’t want to take a picture with you dick head shit. 😆

New BUCK HALLOWEEN Havoc Friday 13th

🤦‍♂️Then he falls in LOVE with the hoe, and they live drunk and high happily ever after.

This bitch rocking the Pimpin curly drip💧LOL

😆 No caption needed,LOL

The fuck is wrong with your neck buck O 🤨

Randell: I’m sorry Fofty this bitch is drunk and high. I told her put that damn phone down she don’t listen.🤔50:Shut the fuck up Randell.🤨

👀oh this bitch be drunk 4 days straight. She must just be on some drunk hoe, I don’t remember type shit. 🤨

What’s wrong with this hoe, 👀 now don’t say she didn’t ask for it when I start tripping.

It’s lit 🔥tonight pull up.

They must have gave you a practice try at life, you out here bullshitting. Like the most expensive thing we spend isn’t time. SouthSide I come from drug dealers, we don’t come to make friends. We come to take over. POWER 💣BOOM

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